Inuyasha Spoiler:

Shippo's first love!!!!!!!

inuyasha n the gang r on the move (as usual)n they reach a village...since there r no demons around they decide to chill out.

inuyasha goes off to lie on the grass while kagomi follows and miroku very cleverly tries to leave ...but nothig escapes sango's eye...she confronts him by saying that he's probably gonna look out for "some girls to play with"(as she put it).then he makes this funny(my-cover's- blown-)sort of face and tells her "look a demon"and walks off--lol..that clown of a man!!

shippo is really bored n sees this girl gettin beaten up by some boys for stealing something(she does do it).he rescues her.....her name is Setsuki.
they make friends n she's poor cause her brother went to fight a war n she's waiting for his return(actually he died)....and she has this flower stone which(she believes)makes her dreams come true.

a demon disguises himself as her brother to get the sacred jewel and takes her as hostage........shippo tries with all his might to defeat him( poor guy)but is not so strong.

then inu yasha comes along and kills it.Inu tells setsuki that by the time he got there ,shippo had already taken care of the demon(how sweeet)!!!!

in the end..she stays with one of the villagers.
but shippo is sad......inuyasha thinks that he's still too young but miroku argues that he's still a man.
kagomi sighs n says that she was his first love.

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