Inuyasha Spoiler:

InuYasha's Strip Job o_o

Ok, so the episode started out with the group slaying a Giant Centepide. After they sealed it, and buried it, they took to the village for the blessings of the people. The gang were sitting around the villagers, while Miroku started flirting with this one Girl. He kindly asked her to bear his children, but an old granny pushed her away, and started talking to Miroku. She took him away, as Miroku pleaded for help from Sango. But of course, she refused. Kagome started talking to InuYasha about a Family Reunion. He thought about it for a minute, but thought it was a bad idea.

When night came, they stayed at the village square to spend the night. While Miroku was sleeping, a young child came in, thinking the room was a bathroom. Miroku turned around and almost attacked the child, but realized that "Wee Wee" came into mind. He rushed the child outside to take the bathroom break. When he went back to sleep, Sango came into the room. He thought it was the child, so he turned around to see Sango standing there. He thought that she came in the had (you can guess it) with him. But instead, Sango attacked him with her Hiraikotsu.

Sango chased after Miroku for a bit, swinging her weapon at him. The rest of the gang woke up to hear all the noise. They realized that sango was attacking Miroku, so InuYasha jumped at her, and stopped her from slaughtering Miroku. When she feel, Miroku caught her and groped her. She finally came to, and the whole gang began to think that she was possessed.

The next day, InuYasha and Miroku dug up the Centipede. Sango and Kagome were getting their palms read by Myouga. Miroku all of a sudden became possessed and started attacking Sango. Miroku chased after Kilala and Shippo, but fell while running. He started to speak like a woman. When he came to, he groped Kagome. Just to proove he was back to normal.

After Miroku sealed the Centipede's spirit, InuYasha became possessed. he started laughing like a mad man, then turned to Kilala. He started chasing after them like a flea. The group began to wonder if he was possessed too.
InuYasha finally caught up to them, jumped over them, and stood there. Shippo fell off Kilala, and onto InuYasha's foot. He started to say weird stuff like "I am yours to take Myouga...I'll have as many children as you want.." then he started to take his Kimono off...*blush blush*.

When the group caught up the him, Kagome Sitified him, and he came to.

(Then the wedding part, but that's boring xD) Submitted by InuYashas_Lover

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