Inuyasha Spoiler:


in faithful nigght in togento,inuyasha turns human and miroku and shippo and kagome get trapped in a mini town by a seige( fat ,ugly)and when the escape the seige takes kagome and takes off her clothes while she is knocked out.he puts her in a pool so he can feed her to a demon tree,when inuyasha saw the seige bring in her clothes he gets freed and goes to help her.when she awakes, he rushes in and she is so happy to see him ,she stands up not realilizing she is naked. they both blush and they sit back down. inuyaha takes off his shirt so she can have clothes and from inuyasha being hurt and human he passes out.kagome rushes out to help him and hugs him.mioku pops out of nowhere and kagome screams.
well at least there was chemistry for 3 mins. Submitted by baby kagome

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