Inuyasha Spoiler:


Inuyasha and Kagome are walking in Kagome's time right, by the market and Kagome's like "it feels like were on a date or something.." then they look over to see Sotastarring at this one girl, so Inu and Kagome get back to her place and Sota is just sitting there. Kagome goes like into the kitchen or something and Inuyasha sits down with Sota. He says something like "wats rong?" and Sota admits that he has fallen in love. Then he says to inuyasha "How'd ya do it?" Inuyasha's like "What?" Sota says "How did you admit your love to kagome?" Inuyasha freaks! Lol. Anyways he tells Sota that he is a man and he has to admit his love, so Sota walks up to her but runs back to the house. Inu beats him there and says "I'm not gonna let you in untill you tell her. So Sota goes back and Inuyasha and Kagome are looking through the bushes. Submitted by Inuyasha_Freak_101

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