Inuyasha Spoiler:

Kagome almost kills Inuyasha

U might have known this, but just in case u don't... Kagome almost kills Inuyasha in the 1st movie. Kagome is taken over by Minomaru(evil demon) and pins Inuyasha to the sacred tree with some yellow lazer knives or something. Then Sango and Miroku but in. Minomaru's henchman deal with them...
*back to Inuyasha and Kagome*
Kagome gains voice control and tells Inuyasha to run away. Inuyasha says he won't leave without her! *So sweet ^-^* Minomaru controls her again, Kagome uses a arrow and pierces him (like with Kikiyo and Inuyasha). Soon, he comes back and defeats Minomaru.
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