Inuyasha Spoiler:


Kouga(a wolf demon who has fallen for kagome)asked a wolf girl, Ayame,to marry him

well he didnt ask to marry him, it was more like,"if you cant protect yourself when you come down from the mountains, i shall take you as my wife" or somthing like that....i know he said he'd take her as his wife.

Ayame was a small girl when this occurred.she was running from those birds of paradise(or whatever they are.they appear a couple of episodes after meeting Kouga)and she hid in a tree.Kouga came to her rescue and defeated the birds.while he was carrying her on his back he said he would take her as his wife if she ever came down from the mountains.

in episode 83 she comes down from the mountains several years later seeking Kouga's help and after he helped her they would marry.well Kouga remebered the face of Ayame but not the proposal he made to her.she was upset and then he told her he was engaged to a girl named Kagome(WICH HE IS NOT!).

Later she meets Kagome and she is with Kouga.she hated Kagome and says that she doesnt like her name because it sounded like her own.Kagome finds out that Kouga said he was engaged to her and she tries to explain to Ayame.

some other stuff happens and they try to make Kouga remember the day he comes to Kouga and he does remember the day he proposed but he doesnt admit it because both Kagome and Ayame are there. Submitted by Sesshoumaru-Sama's Dog Demon Mate

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