Inuyasha Spoiler:


In episode 151 Kagome's Instinctive Choice Kagome has to choose weither to save Kikyo or let her die. Kagome decides to save Kikyo and uses he powers to close the wound in Kikyo's chest. Later when Kikyo leaves and Kagome is sitting on a rock we see Inuyasha and the others coming to her. Miroku Sango and Shippou ask her if she is ok. Inuyasha is looking around and Kagome is like what are you looking for? If you're looking for Kikyo she is already gone. Inuyasha- Kikyo was here? Kagome- Yeah but she is already gone. Inuyasha sits next to her and asks her if she is ok. Kagome getting really pissed off says THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!! I HATE YOU!!!!! Inuyasha looks at her all hurt and scared and you can hear Shippou saying she is scary. Inuyasha starts screaming at Kagome and Kagome yells OSUWARI!!! (sit in japanese) Then when they are by the fire Sango and Miroku tell Inuyasha to go apologize to Kagome. Inuyasha walks over to her with his back towards her and Kagome looks up. He asks her if she is still mad. She says not really. They talk a bit and he says so are you gonna take back what you said? Kagome- Huh? Inuyasha- DON'T TELL ME YOU FORGOT ALREADY!! YOU SAID YOU HATED ME! Kagome- Uh.....I said that? Inuyasha- GAH YES YOU DID! Kagome- oh. And so they go on fighting but then they stop. Submitted by Jessie

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