Inuyasha Spoiler:

The Third Movie...and what actually happens

In the third movie, there have been rumors that someone dies,I can assure you that this does NOT happen. What you may have read on the Inu Yasha movie section of this site is true, sort of. The third swords name is Sou-unga. This is the sword of Hell. Tetsusaiga is the sword of the Earth, and Tenseiga is the sword of Heaven. The movie does reflect a bit on the past, and about Inu's father and mother, and from that past, what undone things are passed down. Now to the future, Kagome's time. There is an ancient sword found by the Higurashi shrine, the sheath of the sword actually has a spirit living in it. The sword had been bound by the spirit, but it nevertheless managed to get away from its bindings. This is Sou-unga. Sou-unga also has a mind of its own you might say. The sword literally flies away and possesses Inu. Inu runs to the Bone Eaters well and returns to the Sengoku Jidai. There the adventure begins, as the past is once again brought back to life. Eventually, Inu Yasha is able to break free of the sword. Oh, and the sword has the power to bring Inu's demon blood under ITS control. An ancient enemy of Inu's and Sesshoumaru's father comes back to life to kill the brothers. That enemy was restored to life by the demon sword of Hell. He now possesses the sword, and bows down to its wishes. Meaning he can weild a very devastating attack, Gakuryuurha, meaning Dark/Black Dragon Destruction, and yes, its stronger than the Tetsusaiga. The enemy raiswes an army if the dead that the Inu gang have to battle to destroy the sword. Sesshoumaru and Inu have to join forces, well as much as they can. Only the combined strentgh of the two swords can defeat the evil sword, but will the brothers ever learn to get a long even a little bit? The only way for that to happen is if Sesshoumaru learns a very important lesson. I know what happens, but I've already written too much... Submitted by Ryona

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