Inuyasha Spoiler:

re: inu movie/Kagome's possession

Kagome gets possessed in the first movie cuz of the dark red thing in her head wich happens 2 be a combo of Hari's mind control stone[ like the 1 kilala had.} and a shard, possibly the same one that wwas used 2 ressurect Mennomaru[ is that spelled right?} the shard was needed cuz the stone alone wouldn't melt into kagome's head....

if u pay attention to the diolouge u notice Mennomaru already knows that inu luvs kagome. i wonder if it was his luv that protected her from the stone{cuz thats what breaks it later}or whatever power she gets in relation 2 kikiyo...h

just wanted to speculate on that Submitted by The Soul Collecter

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