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The ToadLord and Nobunaga

In one episode Kagome was bathing (in a bathing suiof course) inuyasha was sitting up in a tree talking with miyouga. They were talking about the sacred jewel but then Miyouga changed the subject by going to look at kagome. Inuyasha tries to tell him not to but he doesn't listen and then inuyasha sees a glims of something so he follows it and kagome screems and inuyasha almost falls into the pond lukily landing on a rock.

Then inuyasha claims he wasn't trying to spy but kagome says "That's not what I was screaming about. My clothes they're moving." Inuyasha says he hears whistling and they fllow the sound. The thing inuyasha had seen was a little monkey, and then they show you a guy named Nobunaga and he's whistling and then Nobunaga says " OK what did you bring us to eat today" Then Nobunaga pulls out Kagome's bra and says" This isn't something good to eat?" Kagome comes over and say" Hey give me back my clothes!"

Then the next thing you see is Nobunaga eat chips and drinking tea. He is stuffing his face and the monkey is too. The Nobunaga says" Thanks the chips potatoe were good." Then kagome pulls out a bag of dog food and says to inuyasha" If you are hungry i brought something for you." Inuyasha says" No thanks. " in a very annoyed voice. Then he says"ya right" Then kagome puts it back in her bag and says" If you eat it i won't have to carry it." Then inuyasha says" Why carry that thing around? What's in it anyway?" Then kagome says" Oh it's only homework, and clothes, and food" then inuyasha says" oh i give up!

Kagome ask what Nobunaga's name was and Nobunaga said" Nobunaga!" Then kagome starts freekin out and she says" Nobunaga THE NOBUNAGA. Can you sign this please." Then inuyasha say" what's with you?" Then kagome says" This is ODA NOBUNAGA!" Then Nobunaga says" I'm not Oda Nobunaga. Don't confuse me with him." Then Kagome starts freaking out again except in a bad way and says" You pretended to be Oda Nobunaga. And I thought you were history."

Later Nobunaga told them why and what he was doing here and he told them he was on a mission to Princess Shuto (i think) and he had to save her. (He secretly loves her though>hehe) So they all go to the castle where the princess lives and they get inside with the help of inuyasha and they find the princess and they find the frog lord. The lord takes the princess and puts her in like an egg sack till she ripens. So the frog lord can eat her soul. Inuyasha still getting used to his new sword uses it to protect the princess and Nobunaga gets the princess out. Then kagome gets an idea that frog hate fire so she gets some hair spray and Nobunaga's monkey finds some fire and wha la you got your very own flamethrower. She uese that against the frog and the frog spirit exits the lords body and inuyasha kills the spirit and gets the Jewel.

Then the Princess says" Thank you Nobunaga for saving me. Saving my lord." Then Nobunaga gets really sad because the one he loves is married. When they are outside the castle Inuyasha, Kagome and Nobunaga start talking about stuff. Then Nobunaga gets up and starts to walk and like before that i forgot to mechine Inuyasha says" I wouldn't go that way!" Then Nobunaga falls down a medium cliff like thing. Then inuyasha says" He's still and idget." Then kagome says" yes he's still and idget."
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