Inuyasha Spoiler:


I'm not sure which episode but in one l8tr episode above 40 and below 70,Shippo falls in love *Cute huh*thats right his very first was this girl who steels to make a living.Well her brother died in battle and she has this fake shard which she thinks is real.Her brother gave it to her before he left for war,He said it wold guild him back from the war.She wouldn't belive he was dead and always said he would come back for her.Well one day he does come back*It wasnt really him a demon pretending to be him,wanting the jewl shard*he attacks the girl and tells shippo if she was going to survive he would have to bring him Kagomes shard*O-o*well he does*T-T*when the demon drops the girl he goes after shippo for the shards.Shippo puts the girl on a toy horse*you knw all his weapons*and tells her to find Inuyasha and the Gang.He fights off the demon as best he could but gets hurt and to weak to finish him off*NO SHIPPO*.Well in the nick of time Inuyasha comes along and slays the demon lizard.shippo said that he did terrible in battle and protecting the girl.But Inuyasha turns to a nice guy*i know heys nice but not all the time to shippo*and says"i dont know that demon was pretty weak when i got here.*hint hint*well but the little girl gets adopted by the owner or something of the villiage.they say there goodbyes and shippo is sad to leave but happy that the girl wasnt to urt> Submitted by lost

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