Inuyasha Spoiler:

Inuyasha Kagome love... lol

Inuyasha and kagome do have a hidden kiss i have proof! I stopped the show right on time and seen it! As kagome is fading out and inuyasha is fading in there lips to touch. I Am not lieing about this! I had to check it out myself to see for sure and there is! And also they kiss in the second movie and the look he gives during this one song is just so aww *moans* just so dreamy! Yes i know I do not make sense. Lol. They hug alot through out the whole series. During the epilouge of the second movie it is very funny indeed. I shale tell u in r/p style.

Miroku: oh thats right *goes to kiss sango*
Sango: EWW WAT ARE U DOING! *smack*
Miroku: Kagome and inuyasha did it i just think we should follow in intamacy.
*Inuyasha and kagome both look very embarresed and suprized*
Kagome: I dont know what ur talking about i dont remember anything! *hold ears and shakes head rappidly* lalalalalala i cant hear u
Inuyasha: Its not like i wanted to!
Kagome: *looks pissed* what did u say?
Inuyasha: Thats not what i ment! i mean u just through urself on me..
Kagome: INUYASHA! ... SIT!

Thats not EXACTLY what they said but my friend wont let me skip to that part in the movie to be exect. And yes its quite funny ^_^. OK have a nice day. Submitted by I'm Amy.... got a problem wit dat?

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