Inuyasha Spoiler:

Miroku and Sango

Sango and Miroku do not actually get married for those of you who have seen pictures. Its just a daydream Kagome has. In this episode this guy is asking sango to kill this one demon and marry him. Sango keeps looking at Miroku for his reaction but he doesnt say anything. She says ill have to think about it, or something. Now Kagome tries to get Miroku jealous so he will stop Sango from saying yes. But he says its Sango's choice. Miroku tried to find clues on the demon, but is drawn to Sango, Kagome catches him dong this. They spy and overhear the one guy asking her to marry him. She says im very flattered....(then miroku walks away and kagome runs after).... but i cannot even think of settling down, not until i can save my brother. Later on in the night, Miroku is sitting on the porch looking up at the stars (probably thinking abou Sango). She sees him, and he notices her. He gives her a fake smile to her. He gets up and they walk past eachother, then he whispers something to her, and it makes her suprised. All of a sudden they hear a demon and they run to the sound. Inuyasha steps foward saying let me handle this with one swipe of my sword but Sango says she wants to kill the bear demon (which is huge!) to let off a little steam. She beats up the bear and everyone is suprised that she did it all by herself. All of a sudden the bear gets up throws his paw at her! You see her looking suprised, then you see blood, and her boomerang drop. When it goes back up, it shows Miroku protecting her with his body (so that was Mirokus blood). He tells her that this bear is no longer living in this world and can not be killed by weapons. He throws sutras (however you spell that, they are those little papers he carries around.)at it and the bear dies. Later on they leave the village and are walking along a path. Kagome asks Miroku why he isnt wearing his hat. He says the strap broke. Kagome pulls out an extra umbrella and smiles at Sango. Sango walks up to Miroku holding the umbrella over both of their heads. He says thank you very sweetly to her and she nods. They walk togther (very close) and then he gropes her. You hear a loud smack and the umbrella Sango was holding, up in the air. She catches it and keeps walking leaving Miroku sitting there. Then she starts giggling (probably glad Miroku was back to his normal self). Miroku smiles.

The End Submitted by Sango

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