Inuyasha Spoiler:

Kagome sees Inuyasha naked

I the episodes Jaken's plan to steal the Tetsuiga and Gap between the ages, Kagome sees Inuyasha naked.
In Jaken's ...... Jaken wants to Take Inuyasha's sword. So he makes a hot spring. When Miroku and Inuyasha go in the see Sesshomaru's cloud. When they get up they get dizzy and fall down. Kagome comes over and sees Inuyasha baring all! ha ha ha
In Gap....... Inuyasha goes to Kagomes world to make sure she comes back to the fueduel era. When she was trying to study Inuyasha was bugging her. She told her brother Sota to keep him busy. He and Inuyahsa take a bath. All of a sudden you hear Inuyahsa scream hot! He comes racing into Kagome's room naked. She freaks and starts throwing things at him! Submitted by Sesshomaru's sex

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