Inuyasha Spoiler:

Sesshoumaru and Kagura - Kagura's True Demise

In the manga, it's titled "Kaze" or "Wind"

After a confrontation with Naraku, Naraku discovers of Kagura's secret betrayal... he crushes her heart, a way of freeing her from his confinement, but at what cost?
She gets left in an open field, alone, InuYasha and the gang saw her defending Kohaku from death, they realized she wasn't a bad demon after all... they go to try and find her before her life ends.
We see Kagura smiling weakily to herself, saying that "So this is my end, to be alone..." then out of nowhere a noise is heard and she turns around.... To see Sesshoumaru.
He comments on smelling Naraku's scent, so he came after it.
She says that he'll be disappointed, Naraku is nowhere around.
Then... unexpectedly.. Sesshoumaru replies, I know it wasn't him, I came because I knew it was you... (( I was happy but sad because it was too late)) Sesshoumaru realizes that not even his life-reviving sword can help save her. In the last moments of her life, she has time spent with Sesshoumaru, smiling. Then, her body scatters... having only a feather gently blow in the wind.
InuYasha and the others arrive, seeing Sesshoumaru walking away. When InuYasha calls out to him, he asks if she was in pain.
Sesshoumaru replies... she was smiling...
Then in the last captions of the chapter it says "I am the wind, and I am now free" and it has the single feather blowing in the current of the wind. Submitted by InuDemonRin

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