Inuyasha Spoiler:

Sesshoumuro and Rin

Well in this epiosed i forget which one tho, Kaugra takes Rin and sesshomuro goes after Naraku to get her back. While Sesshomuro and Naraku are fighting Inuyasha goes to find Naraku while, Sango, Kagome, and miroku go after a jewel shard (not knowing yet that its Kohaku) and when inuyahsa finds naraku he finds out that sesshomoru has almost been absorbed into naraku flesh!

Of course Inuyasha imediantly attacks naraku trying to stop what hes doing, but then inuyahsa almost get himself abosorb my his flesh but breaks free! And then he breaks throught Narakus barrier, which by the way Naraku didnt expect that he could break though it hurts him real bad and he lets go of sesshomuro. Sessomuro gets pissed off and is about to attack him and says "you think you can escape me?"then naraku says you might want to go save Rin before she is killed and he stops. he leaves and inuyahsa is real confused.

Then Inuyahsa finds Sesshomuro to kill Kohaku because he almost killed Rin, and inuyasha yells hurt the bot and your dead all herioclly... lol and then sessomuro actually puts him down. He then states that Naraku set gim up and wanted him to kill kohaku, and knowing sessomuro who hates taking orders fro anyine leaves with out a word.

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