Inuyasha Spoiler:

Kagura sees Inuyasha in human form

Anyway Kagura is beating on Koga and Sango then throws her boomerang which makes kagura fled then Kagome comes along and cures Koga.Koga then sees Inuyasha and is confused at the fact that he has BLACKHAIR!So they start into a dogfight.On their way to find Naraku both guys are still fighting so Kirara lets Inuyasha off and Miroku hits him with his staff.Meanwhile the others find Kagura and try and hit her but Koga has gotten himself stuck in kagura's wind.Any as fog clears there is inuyasha standing there as the sun comes up.Kagura then attacks with her wind against Inuyasha's WindScar but Naraku's demons get in the way.Meanwhile at the castle Naraku is scoulding Kagura to never to betray him again. Submitted by Sango+Miroku girl

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