Inuyasha Spoiler:

The Shichinintai, who they are.

If you like to be spoil the fun, then the Shichinintai are your best bet.

If you haven't ever heard of them, start now! I'll introduce then individually, in there rank orders. The Shichinintai, are a band of seven reckless mercenarys (all men). Name translated into Seven Man Army.

They take place from episode 102 - 123 I belive.

They where hired many times before, but then the Damiyou (pronounced: Dam-You) came. At first they hired the Shichinintai for killing, but the Daimyou, feared them. They believed the Shichinintai was to powerful to let live, so setting up an ambush, they captured the Shichinintai and decapitated then.

Ten years later, the Shichinintais burial ground, was broken into by guess who... Naraku. (I'm sure you know who HE is) Naraku, giving the leader (name soon) six shards, told him he had a job. To find and assassinate Inuyasha, Kouga, and anyone else who stood in his way. The leader took the shards,

The members are as follows:

Bankotsu - A young boy, looks of age 16 or so, is ranked Leader, and is quite short for his age. He has blue eyes, long ebony hair put into a braid and carries a massive halbred, called Banryuu and is nick named "His Baby". He never goes against his men, and has alot of pride.

Renkotsu - A man of about age 21 or so, is bald and carries liquids and is a pyromaniac, as he uses many fire techniques. Renkotsu is Ranked second in command.

Jakotsu - About age 17, wears yukatas and feminine clothing has grey eyes and has black hair. Jakotsu is openly gay, and has a extramly big obsession with Inuyasha. He is third in command. Jakotsu carries a sword called Jakotsutou, a snake-like blade.

Suikotsu - Suikotsu is about 20 or so, has dark brown hair, and is quite tall. He wears armour and has claws used for attacking his victims.

Mukotsu - A poision user, who loves to manipulate females. Looks about age 30 to 50, is the shortest in the group. Like a hobbit.

Ginkotsu - A tank-like man, uses many attacks like gun-power, and spinny SHARP blade disks, and age is kinda hard to tell. He follows Renkotsu's orders more then one else, but does follow Bankotsu's.

Kyokotsu - First Shichinintai to appear, has a giant spike chain mace thing. Uses brute strenght to fight mainly though. Dies, his first appearnace, by Kouga. So rank is truley unkown. Loves to eat... anything, I guess.

Submitted by Jakotsu-Kun

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