Inuyasha Spoiler:

Hakudoushi dies,The team asks Kagura to join them

Ok i was reading the inuyasha manga and the gang are fighting with hakudoushi.Hakudoushi wants to betray Naraku but Naraku knows that, anyway Hakudoushi in a barrier smiling saying to
inuyasha,"No matter how often you smash me...
I won't die." All the sudden Hakudoushi's
barrier disappears so Hakudoushi is in midair

Inuyasha gets the chance and unleashes Wind Scar. Hakudoushi is in pieces and slowly regrouping and his head still intact. Miroku trys to suck Hakudoushi in with wind tunnel but Hakudoushi is now surrounded by the posionous insects.Hakudoushi- "Ha its futile".Suddenly the Saimyoushou leave.Everyone is surprised.Since defenseless and wounded, Hakudoushi tries to escape with miasma.Kagome takes an arrow and purifies it and the miasma disappears.Miroku takes the chance and sucks Hakudoushi in and
you see Hakudoushi screaming before he got sucked in.

Kagura nearby standing there watching.Inuyasha says "Its over but we were used by Naraku".Kagome approaches to Kagura and saying that Naraku would know by now your betrayal and asking if she wants to join the them.Kagura is thanking for the offer but she dosen't want to but she gives the gang tips where the jewel is and goes off.

Submitted by inu42

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