Inuyasha Spoiler:

the little girl and her funny drawing

This funny lil mishap happened when inuyasha-sama was in Kagomes time and kagome forgot her lunch(bit stupid if ya ask me) and Inuasha-sama has to wear a baseball cap to hide his ears and bring her lunch to her but before he can he save two people and one of them was this girl that hes saved from a fire and while he was gliding through the air his cap came off and right when he landed he had to runn away and when finally he gets the lunch to her he already ate half the food(really really funny ^_^_^_^_^) and when they get home it shows the girl inuyasha-sama save on Tv and she had his cap on and a REALLY FUNNY PITCURE(she drew)OF inuyasha-sama...

And the really funny part was after inuyasha-sama saw the Tv on and the lil girl inside he was all looking around the Tv trying seeing how lil people were traped in there.....(WHOA that was funny)

wooooo that was funny i wish they would come out with more shows some of these are getting boring so cmon animator think of somore nonsence for my head to take in....... Submitted by Dude-12-

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