Inuyasha Spoiler:

kagome and inuyasha

In the original, when the thieves first brought Kagome to their hut and they start to lift up her skirt: Kagome calls them perverts instead of "Don't do that it'll rip" and they tell her that she shouldn't be complaing when she's wearing something that revealing.
* After Kagome is running away from Inuyasha, and falls down, itgoes to the scene of Inuyasha doing a far jump to reach her --- look at the background while hes jumping through the air, theres mountains in the background... then they dissapeer into the sky!
* In the night when Inu Yasha is first chasing Kagome, whenever you see where Kagome was bitten their is no blood. Also, they did not censor Mistress Centipede in the recap of the last episode.
* How could villigers "agree" that Kagome looks like Kikyo? They arenīt enough old to know their former priestess.
* They didn't say that she look like Kikyo. A guy just say that there were an other worldly look about her.
* They actually do say she looks like Kikyou. In the manga, it's an old man, though in the anime a man of only about 20. Submitted by Eugenia

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