Inuyasha Spoiler:

All about everyones wepons

The Tetsusaiga is Inuyasha demon sword it can only be used when pretecting humens. Tetsusaiga has the power to kill 100 demons with 1 swing called the Wind Scar. The Back lash wave is the most powerfl tecneek of Tetsusaiga, it takes the demonic aera of way more powerfl demons ensners it with the Wind Scar and sends there own demonic power back at them. Tetsusaiga was forged by Totosai with Inuyasha dads fang.

The Tenseiga is Sesshomaru's sword it is a dall edged sword that can save 100 soals in 1 sweep(oppiset of Tetsusaiga),and you need a kind hart to weeld it. But Tenseiga chosse Sesshomaru to be its weelder (wich meens Sesshomaru is not as cold hearted as we thought),And like Tetsusaiga it was also forged be Totosai with 1 of his dads lesser teeth.

The Hiraikotsu is Sango maen wepon it was forged from the bones and hide of demons (also like her armer). The Hiraikotsu is a rely big boomerang.

The Wind Tunnle is Miroku's most powerfl wepon. Naraku 50 years ago put a hole in Miroku's grandfother's hand and the Wind Tunnle was passed down to Miroku's dad onto him.This is what Naraku said "The abisal hole in your hand will be passed down to your childerin and your childerins childerin so long as ilive untl no one remaens" Submitted by artsy fartsy

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