Inuyasha Spoiler:

Sesshomaru and the Tetsusaiga

The reason Sesshomaru cannot wield the powers of the tetsusaiga (if anyone cares..) is because when Inu-Papa had the Tensaiga and the Tetsusaiga made for his sons, he had the Tetsusaiga made especially for Inuyasha. This explains why Inuyasha cannot use the Tetsusaiga in his Demon form. The Tetsusaiga can only be used by a half-Demon. I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with Inuyasha protecting humans with it. if it did, I'm sure Sesshomaru would be able to wield it's powers, but it doesn't. It is because the Tetsusaiga's powers can only be wielded by a Hanyou.

I wonder what would happen if Naraku, being a hanyou, got hold of the Tetsusaiga.....*shudders at thought* could and would be disasterous... Submitted by Morana-Chan

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