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Inuyasha Spoiler:

Inuyasha and gang and tetsusaiga

Dragon Scaled Tetsusaiga Vol. 40-41. Chap. 394-399

Inuyasha encounters the Bake-Neko. It's a cat demon that has possessed a nun and is very powerful. Inuyasha fights the demon and is unable to kill it because it uses the nun's body as protection. Inuyasha eventually exposes the chest of the nun by cutting her garments and there is a cat's paw in the middle, it belongs to the demon and is the source of its power. The demon pulls the paw in the chest so Inuyasha will have to kill the nun in order to kill it; however, Inuyasha puts tetsusaiga's blade to the nun's chest and it sucks up the bake-neko's power. This causes tetsusaiga to turn black and it is called dragon scale tetsusaiga.

In this form the sword can suck up demonic energy and use it against its attacker, no matter how strong they may be. The only problem is that the more energy it sucks the hotter it becomes and the more dangerous and difficult it is to control the attack. Therefore, if Inuyasha uses the sword too much in this form he risks burning injuries on his hands, and the chance of the attack killing him. It is very powerful. Below is totosai's explanation:

The sword is made from the fang of Inuyasha's father, a great demon, and therefore can hold nearly limitless demonic aura. Demonic aura is like poison to anyone but a demon, even half-demon's such as Inuyasha. The sword has always been able to suck energy, but not like this. The black tetsusaiga can hold nearly limitless amounts. However, the more it holds, the more difficult it will be to control. So as a warning mechanism, the tetsusaiga gradually becomes hotter to let Inuyasha know how dangerous the attack is depending on how much demon energy it has absorbed. In the previous fight against the dokumizuchi (serpent), Inuyasha couldn't beat it unless he used black tetsusaiga. Inuyasha did, but the demon had so much demon energy that he couldn't handle all of it. Tetsusaiga tried to warn him by heating up, but he used it anyway. Inuyasha made tetsusaiga suck up more energy than he could handle and as a result his hands were scorched by the sword and some of the backfire from the attack injured him badly. Totosai said that if he hadn't have used it correctly the demonic aura would have reversed and blown him away. Inuyasha believes something is wrong with the sword, but nothing is wrong with it. It is doing what it was made to do, get stronger and stronger. The problem is that Inuyasha's human blood prevent's him from properly handling this power. Therefore, Inuyasha will have to become strong enough to use the energy and just adjust to the heat of the sword.

So here it is. Inuyasha can use tetsusaiga in it's other stages, but when its like that it could kill him if he goes overboard. The positive side to this is that he was able to ward off the demon, showing he could use the sword. Totosai said that if Inuyasha manages to master the black tetsusaiga then it could kill Naraku, making it the ultimate sword. Submitted by Overlord Inuyasha

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