Inuyasha Spoiler:


Sesshomaru is Inuyashas' older brother. He is stuck-up. The only human he ever cared for was
Rin. Rin is said to have brought kindness in Sesshomarus' cold heart. It is wierd that a kind of demon like him would care for a human like her. (I think it's cute that he cares for her so much. Sometimes he doesn't show it or want it to be known but he really does care for her.)
Sesshomaru is also followed by Jaken. (He is an ugly green toad demon with poped eyes.) Some people say that Jaken is gay. I think so too. He is always following Sesshomaru and there was an episode (I can't remember which...) that Jaken really showed that he was gay. The way he was looking at Sesshomaru was kinda creeping me out. Submitted by nalagirl68

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