Inuyasha Spoiler:

Midoriko and the jewels of the four soul

Midoriko was the first preistess who could prify and exorcise demon and render them defenseless. a( demon much like Naraku. had "feelings" for midoriko and other demons found a way in inrto that persons heart. the demon merged together into one great youkai, becuase of that demons malice in the crack of weakness that lies within that person.)
and so the demons merged with each other and attacked her. the battle went on for seven days and seven nights emon fang got ahold of her and as about to merged with her, midoriko however used her last bit of strenght and dispel her hearts which then was supposedly merging , and then her hearts shot out alng with the shikon no tama (becuase it was crystalizing) anytime the jewel was used for evil the shikon jewel wouldbe defiled becuase of that midoriko and the great demon are still battling. Submitted by lilbaowow4o8

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