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Things to Do to Sesshoumaru

Here's my little list of things to torture Sesshoumaru.

Have his little brother beat him up time and time again (oh, wait, he already does- HA!)
Dress him up in a sailor uniform and give him to the sailor scouts as a new recruit. Watch him go mad and commit suicide by the next episode.
Throw him to devoted Inu-Yasha fans and watch them maul him to death
Throw him to devoted SESSHOUMARU fans and watch them maul him to death
Turn Tenseiga into a singing sword that only knows NSync and Brittany Spears
Stick bubble gum in his tail
Show him what Viz has done to him
Put him in a dog pound when the females are in heat
Replace Jaken with Pikachu and watch Sesshoumaru shred him with his dokkasou (okay, so that's more to torture Pikachu, but who can blame me?)
Wax his head without the wax
Smack him everytime he says "Kono Sesshoumaru" ("I, Sesshoumaru")- ahh, just smack him whenever he says ANYTHING.
Shave his tail poodle style and tie a pink bow with bells around it
Tie him to a chair, staple his eyes open and make him watch home movies of all the times he was defeated by Inuyasha
Continuously question his gender
Play pin the tail on the dog demon
Stick a prayer bead necklace around HIS neck
Auction off his clothes to the Sesshoumaru fangirls
When his clothes run out auction HIM off to the Sesshoumaru fangirls

*Special thanks to xXMystrssNarakuXx for contributing these.

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